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We Empower. We Collaborate.  We Connect.

The Co.lab Platform supports Schools to implement and maintain a Whole School Approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing.

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One Stop Hub

Clever tech reduces workload and showcases progress for Ofsted, helping to positively influence your school community.


Say goodbye to confusing frameworks and conflicting information, the Co.lab platform is the go-to tool for Schools and Colleges that have adopted or want to adopt a Whole School Approach to mental health & wellbeing.


Expert guidance from...

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8 Principles

Developed by Public Health England and endorsed by the Department for Education and NHS England, we guide you through the 8 Principles of the Whole School Approach.


The Co.lab platform automates data collection, visualising your progress, so you can focus on what matters the most - the mental health and wellbeing of your pupils and teachers.



We Empower. 

Empowering Senior Mental Health Leads and their teams in schools and colleges to adopt a Whole School Approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Our intelligent, evidence-based framework is co-created with Whole School Approach experts, with proven results that this approach is the key to improving mental health and wellbeing in your school.

We Collaborate

Collaborating with pupils, parents, carers & the education workforce to ensure that every voice counts, transforming tiny voices from a whisper to a ROAR!

Explore the opinions of your community within our project themes and interventions, enabling their voice to influence decisions, curriculum and local policies.


We Connect. 

‘Matching’ schools and colleges throughout their mental health improvement journey, creating support networks beyond physical geographies.

Link with schools and colleges that share similar ambitions to explore your projects together. From #bullying to #autism you can share resources and best practices to save time and supercharge your Whole School Approach offering.

What people say

This platform is just what we have been waiting for, we would love to help in any way we can, and we hope to be early adopters.


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Paul from Devon | MHST

Evidence Based

The Whole School Approach has a proven impact on pupil and staff wellbeing as well as motivation, retention, attainment, prevention of mental illness, social and emotional skills and rates of bullying, exclusion and absences.

Clinically Approved

Mental Health Support Teams and other education clinicians will utilise the Co.lab platform to host a wide selection of interventions, lesson plans and staff CPD, approved and maintained by mental health experts. 

Case Studies

The Whole School Approach is far from new; the World Health Organization highlighted the many advantages in 1998!

Take a look at some pioneering schools that have ingrained WSA into their culture.

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